The present Bir Bikram Memorial College, was established on 19th August, 1969 as Bir Bikram Evening College with Dr. S. B. Gupta, as the first Principal of the college, basically, to cater the needs of the education-starving students who were not in the position to prosecute their studies in the existing day colleges of the state due to myriad reasons. As the teaching learning time of the college was from 3PM to 9PM, the institution was not only a fore-runner in the college education of this nature to start its functioning with more than 300 students at the premises of Maharaja Bir Bikram College but a unique one with its 'mission' - to stride towards raising the level to higher education. The state government was to establish the college with a vision to create a stable learning environment in the state in higher education sector so that moral and spiritual development of the individual takes place for achievement of purest possible attitude in order to build a developed state and a strong nation.

On 26 December,2002, the college started a new journey shifting its establishment from the house of M.B.B College to a new location at College Tilla, in the premises of old Tripura University building with a new name - Bir Bikram Memorial College to fulfill the need of the hour. With the change of the location , the college was converted into a co-education college from the very year.

The present college campus is spread over an area of more than 6 acres with lush green fields bordered with exotic varieties of trees and winding lakes haunted by migratory birds in winter

The institution has been changing with the change of time - changed its location, name and time of learning and teaching and has been expanding qualitatively and quantitatively at a moderate rate with out tuning its soul and spirit. The ultimate aim of the college is inclusive education - to impart higher education to all irrespective of caste, creed and gender in calculating highest human values and professionalism.

With many faculties, dedicated staff and students, the rich library with its vast collection of books, the college has earned its present fame as a center of higher and quality learning. In the fields of sports and caltural activities, the college is going to take an exemplary in the near future. But before the newly built-up houses for the college, it had no boys' or girls' common rooms. till this day the college is not having its own play-ground. But the deficiencies could not stand in the way of the developments of sports and cultural activities. In last three successive years the college Footbal Team became champion. In the Drama Competition held at different places of the state the college students produced their performance in a brilliant way which made them to be awawded in many sections. Besides, for many other performances of the college students in cultural and Sports fields, the college received appreciation and number of awards. The college can boast of for organizing a number of state and national level seminars at its premises during the recent past.

Mission and Vision
At present more than 4000 students are continuing their studies in this college in Commerce, Arts and Science streams. It needs a special mentioning hereat that 'Defense Studies' is one of the subjects which is exclusively taught in this college. From the year 2012 the college has introduced Certificate course in kakbarak. Presently, the overall activities of the college is efficiently managed by its principal.
     The ultimate aim of the college is inclusive education - to impart higher education to all irrespective of caste, creed and gender in calculating highest human values and professionalism.
     Since its very inception the college has been striving to attain the goal of academic excellence defying obstacles but we have miles to go with the patronage of our well wishers.