Courses Offered

Bachelor in Science
Honours(TDCH) Intake Capacity(Honours)
Mathematics(MTMH) 50
Physics() 20
Chemistry() 20
Bachelor in Arts
Honours(TDCH) Intake Capacity(Honours)
English(ENGH) 80
Bengali(BNGH) 80
Sanskrit(SANH) 80
Philosophy(PHIH) 80
Political Science(PLSH) 80
History(HISH) 80
Education(EDCH) 80
Education(EDCH) 80
Bachelor in Commerce
Honours(TDCH) Intake Capacity(Honours)
Accountancy Honours (ACNH) 80

Percentage of new courses introduced of the total number of courses across all programs offered during the last five years (30)

Program code Program name Course code Name of the new course introduced in last 5 years Year of introduction
BAH BA Honours BAH-30 BA Honours 2017-18 under MBBU
BAG BA General BAG-20 BA General 2017-18 under MBBU
BSH BSc Honours BSH-50 BSc Honours 2017-18 under MBBU
BSG BSc General BSG-40 BSc General 2017-18 under MBBU
BCH BCom Honours BAH-70 BCom Honours 2017-18 under MBBU
BCG BCom General BAG-60 BCom General 2017-18 under MBBU
BSG BSc General BSH-40 Physics 2012-13 under TU
BSG BSc General BSH-40 Chemistry 2012-13 under TU
BSH BSc Honours BSH-50 Physics 2014-15 under TU
BSH BSc Honours BSH-50 Chemistry 2014-15 under TU