Teacher's Council

The broad objective of the Teacher’s Council is to carry out academic and extra-curricular activities in the College and in different Departments of the College, along with the Students Council and Non-teaching staff and to assist the College Administration for smooth functioning of the college in academic & college level administrative affairs for which the Council is elected annually for a period of one calendar year, conventionally, in the month of December.

All teachers of the college (comprising all full time & part time teachers) are members of the Teacher’s Council with the Principal of the College as the Ex-officio President of the Council.

The Teacher’s Council elects one Secretary and two Joint Secretaries as the Office Bearer along with the President of the Teachers Council as Ex – Officio Member by virtue of his / her post as the Principal of the College.

The Office Bearers / Committees of the Teachers Council are elected on the same day in the Annual General Meeting ( AGM ) of the Teacher’s Council which simultaneously form different Sub - Committees and empower them to transact the following activities in accordance with the objectives stated above.

The Office Bearer of the Teacher’s Council are Ex-Officio members of each Committee by virtue of their post . The committees perform their function as per convention and as decided by the Teacher’s Council in its different meeting. Other than the Committee Meetings, the Teacher Council meeting is usually convened as and when situation warrants relating to academic or other affairs where all the teachers are requested to be present and to discuss the different issues so as to reach a consensus. The decisions taken by the Teacher’s Council are voluntarily accepted as mandatory in nature.

  1. Secretary : Smt. Sarbari Nath
  2. Joint Secretary : Sri Saisab Das
  3. Joint Secretary : Smt. Sima Debbarma

Different Sub-Committees have been constituted for smoothly running of the college as under :

  1. UGC Programme Implementation Sub-Committee
  2. NAAC Preparatory Sub-Committee
  3. Academic Sub-Committee
  4. Planning and Development Sub-Committee
  5. Examination Sub-Committee
  6. Routine Sub-Committee
  7. Public Awareness on Different Dimension of RTI Act,2005
  8. NSS Advisory Sub-Committee
  9. Prevention of Sexual Harassment Sub-Committee
  10. Discipline Sub-Committee
  11. Grievance Redressal Sub-Committee
  12. Election to Students' Union Council Sub-Committee
  13. Drama, Debate and Literary Activities Sub-Committee
  14. College Magazine Sub-Committee
  15. Cultural Activities Sub-Committee
  16. Games and Sports  Sub-Committee
  17. Social Entertainment Sub-Committee
  18. Boys' Common Room Sub-Committee
  19. Girls Common Room Sub-Committee
  20. Science Forum

As an usual practice the Secretary, Teacher’s Council convenes a General Meeting in consultation with the President of the Council on Academic matters and other matters relating to Teachers Welfare Measures, whereby the College Authority is being appraised of the different problems of the teachers that can be solved at the college level so that the functioning of the college becomes smooth and effective. If other issues are brought to the notice of the President of the Teacher’s Council which cannot be resolved at the College level then those issues are referred to appropriate authorities for consideration.

The Principal of the College being the President of the Teacher’s Council can Convene Teacher’s Council Meeting if the situation warrants such a meeting in consultation with the Secretary of the Teacher’s Council.

Other than the aforesaid business Teachers Council can take into cognizance any incident that may affect the general interest of the Teachers and the President of the Teacher’s Council may constitute other Committees that are felt to be necessary for maintenance of Academic atmosphere of the college. Further the Teacher’s Council can convene Emergent Meeting to deal with specific issues that need to be addressed by the teachers.

The Activities of the Teacher’s Council are in fact dual in nature :

  1. It’s the highest form of Teachers Platform, democratically elected and a voluntary body which has an immense role of developing Academic atmosphere of the college based on which academic transaction for imparting quality education is largely dependent.
  2. The Teacher’s Council is to advise / consult / lodge protest to college authority and to bridge and develop Teacher – Student Relationship based on which the Academic & Administrative Foundation of the College is virtually dependent.

Hence the activity of the Teacher’s Council is the Central Point in the development process of the college as a whole and MBB College Teachers Council Activities are both Academic and Extra-curricular in nature as stated above.