All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE-9578)

 In accordance to the endeavour taken by  MHRD to get a glimpse of the higher education scenario, GER, GPI and expenditure on education  of the state, this HEI has been regularly uploading the AISHE Statistics since 2011. Data is  collected on parameters like, Data pertaining to the  institution’s basic parameters - Teacher’s Details, Details of Non-Teaching Staff, Programme conducted under various Faculties/Schools & Departments/Centers , Students enrolled in these Programme , Examination result of terminal year of each Programme, Financial Information such as Receipt and Expenditure under various heads - Availability of Infrastructure - Scholarships, Loans & Accreditation and so on are uploaded regularly by Nodal Officer, Smt. Sanhita Dasgupta, HOD, Department of Information Technology, Bir Bikram Memorial College.

DCF OF AISHE 2021-22

DCF OF AISHE 2020-21

DCF of AISHE 2017-18 

DCF of AISHE 2016-17

DCF of AISHE 2015-16 

DCF of AISHE 2014-15 

DCF of AISHE 2013-14 


Teacher Information Form (TIF 2017-18)

Teacher Information Form (TIF 2016-17)


Certificate of AISHE 2010-11 

Certificate of AISHE 2011-12 

Certificate of AISHE 2012-13 

Certificate of AISHE 2013-14 

Certificate of AISHE 2014-15 

Certificate of AISHE 2015-16 

Certificate of AISHE 2016-17 

Certificate of AISHE 2017-18