The library of BBM College works as a support service for both the teachers and the students when it provides a platform for reading and learning. The library has a digital cataloging system for which the library can boast of. With this cataloguing system, the library assures smooth, user friendly service to its customers, the students, teachers and other office employees. The large collection of books on all the subjects is available to the teachers and students alike in both the Reference and Lending sections.. The library is enriched with a strength of approx... 50000 books funds purchased from UGC and DHE funds .In addition to this, the library also subscribe to dailies in English and Bengali languages. The students are guided by the library staff to staff to find out books on different subjects. Both the boys and girls have separate reading rooms. Besides, the teaching and nonteaching staff also take the advantage of this library. There are separate reading rooms for girls, boys and teachers in this library.

Library Staff

Smt.Papi Choudhury


Sri Sandip Saha


Smt.Rina Paul Saha


Sri Shyamal Chakraborty


Smt.Saraswati Majumder(Ghanta),



General Rules

1). Eligibility of Membership:- All the College Teachers, Library Staff, Students and non-teaching staff of the BBM College are eligible to be enrolled as member of the BBM College Library. Any prominent educationalist/Ex-students/Researchers/Scholars of the state may be given temporary membership of the library on the recommendation of the principal.

2). How to be a member:- Employees and Officers working in BBM College automatically to be member of the said library from the date of his/her joining in the college. Students should bring the 02 (two) copies pass port size photograph alongwith original College Fee Card for membership of library.

3). Maintenance of silence is library is most essential. Any talking/gossiping is strictly prohibited. Intentional breach of this rule will entitle forfeiture of library membership. Members of teaching staff and librarians will exercise their authority to enforce the observance of silence and discipline whenever they are in the library.

4). All belongings to be kept outside the library hall.

5).Mobile Phones are to be kept in silence mode and sleeping in the library hall is strictly prohibited.

6). Requisition slips are to be filled in for placing demand for any book/reading material. Before leaving the library the readers shall return any book or reading material taken by him/her for consultation, reading for noting in the reading room to the concerned staff of the library.

Library Hours

1) On working days the library will remain open 10.00 am to 5 pm after some processing the normal works will start at 10.45 pm to 4.45 pm (Lunch time at 1.30 pm to 2 pm) and library will close at 5 pm.

2). During summer vacation the library will remain open during 11 am to 4pm

Lending of Books

After enrollment as members a member requisition slip will be issued to the members following members at a time:

a). Faculty Members                                      20 (Twenty)  Nos.

b) Guest Lecturers                                         05 (Five)       Nos.

b) Student (Honours)                                     03 (Three)    Nos.

c) Student (General)                                      02 (Two)       Nos.

1). Single copy, Reference books, Rare books, Multi Volumes books marked as “ NOT TO BE LENT OUT”  are not to be lent out for reading, noting, out side the Library. However, reading / noting from these shall be allowed within  the Reading Room of the Library.

2). It has been unanimously resolved that the college is going to follow the Library Rules and Regulations of Govt. of Tripura as per memorandum No. F.2(36)-BCSCL/84/920 Dates the 13th January, 2011.

3). In case of ‘Lost Books’ replacement is the first and desirable option. If replacement could not be done for a justifiable ground ( subject to acceptance of the same by the head of the institution) the borrower will have to make payment at the rates:-

a). In case of current edition (published during 05 (five) years preceding  the date of report of less) 2 times of the value as recorded with the library.

b) In case of old edition (any edition of which not published during the 05 (five) years preceding the date of report of loss) 05 (five) times of the value as recorded with the library.

4). Faculty members can keep a borrowed book for maximum 03 (three) months.

5). Students are allowed to retain lent out books in their custody for 14 days. If anybody does not return the books on due dates, they will be treated as defaulter.

Lending Hours

1). Time Table for Book Issue:

Semester Day Time
1, 2, 3 Monday, Wednesday, Friday

12.30 – 1.30 pm

2 pm – 4.45 pm

4, 5, 6 Tuesday, Thursday

12.30 – 1.30 pm

 2 pm – 4.45 pm

2). Book Returned on all working days during 11 am to 4.45 pm

3). Only Saturday for old question papers and syllabus writing.

4). All books must be returned by all without fail for stock taking, No book will be issued during verification.

 Library Clearance Certificate

 1). Without clearance certificate, defaulter students will not get their Mark sheet. Students who fail to return the library books/reading materials to the library books/ reading materials to the library. Just after any examination shall be declared as defaulter. Result of the examination of the defaulter students will be kept withheld until & unless he/she collects clearance certificate from the library

2). Without clearance certificate issued from the library application of transfer of students will not be considered.

3). Without clearance from the library last salary of Guest Lecture will not be disbursed.

4). All teaching faculty/Non-teaching staff will have to take Clearance Certificate from the library on transfer.

5). No pension proposals of any sort of college staff will be initiated without library clearance.