Present Position

Strengths :

  1. Highly qualified faculty members with Excellent teaching skills
  2. Subject is taught in simple English with use of vernacular languages as required.
  3. Subject is not taught mechanically, but with understanding of formulas, concepts etc.
  4. Priority to teaching is the foundation of each chapter
  5. References to real-life situations and professional experiences in industry   

Weakness :

  1. Students admitted include average and below average abilities.
  2. Students with poor presentation skills.
  3. students with language limitations.
  4. Almost all the Students are from Vernacular medium.
  5. Low pass percentage. 


  1. 1.Increasing job opportunities related to service sector.
  2. 2.Availability of wide range knowledge through Commerce based subjects
  3. 3. Departmental activities are interlinked with social benefits.
  4. 4. Imparting knowledge through modern and innovative methods.
  5. 5. Encouraging faculty members in research activities.           

Challenges :

  1. Achieving 100 % results
  2. Sustenance of proper attendance of students
  3. Catering to the needs of students from ordinary socioeconomic background
  4. Managing rising work pressure due to Credit Based Semester System
  5. To increase the rate of students’ progression from UG to PG and to other professional programmes.