Research & Journal

Number of research papers per teacher in the Journals notified on UGC website during the last five years(5)

Title of paper Name of the author/s Department of the teacher Name of journal Year of publication ISBN/ISSN number
A generalized model on the evaluation of entropy and entropy of mixing of liquid Na-Sn alloys Dr. Alok Satpathy Physics Chemical Physics Letters, vol 6 2017 0009-2614, I.F:1.86
Bruise Detection in Apples Using Infrared Imaging Dipak HrishiDas Information Technology IEEE 2016 978-1-5090-2964-8
Charge Transport through Polyaniline Incorporated Electrically Conducting Functional Paper Kartiklal Bhowmik Chemistry Journal of Physical Chemistry, 2016 1932-7447
Synthesis and characterization of mixed phase manganese ferrite and hausmannite magnetic nanoparticle as potential adsorbent for methyl orange from aqueous media: Artificial neural network modelingJournal of Molecular Liquids Kartiklal Bhowmik Chemistry ScienceDirect Elsevier Publication 2016 0167-7322
Thermodynamic Studies on the Interaction of Congo Red with Ferric Chloride in Aqueous Medium for Waste Water Treatment Advanced Science Letters Kartiklal Bhowmik Chemistry American Scientific Publishers 2016 1936-6612
Cytology and biochemical estimation of Neptunia prostrate (Lamk) Dr. Abhijit Bhattacharya Chemistry Annals of plant sciences 2016 2287-688X
A Feminist Construct in  These Hills Called Home and The Collector’s Wife Dr. Prasanta Chakraborty English VIRTUOSO 2016 2249-6076
Cost and Revenue Efficiency of State Cooperative Banks in India Evidence from North-East Using Data Envelopment Analysis Dr. Sujit Das Commerce Vinimaya, National Institute of Bank Management, Established by Reserve Bank of India, Pune 2015 9708456
A transformation of  Gouri through her journey from Calcutta  to Rhodes - - A  study of The Lowland Dr. Prasanta Chakraborty English VIRTUOSO, Vol 4, Issue 2 2015 2249-6076
An alternative method on the evaluation of entropy of mixing of liquid Li-Pb and Na-Pb alloys Dr. Alok Satpathy Physics  Indian Journal Phys(Springer) 89 323( 2015) 2015 0973-1458 , I.F: 1.337
Karmayoga in   Vivekananda's Philosphy Dr. Monoranjan Das Philosophy Praman  Research Journal Internalional Reffered 2014 2249-2976
Strong- Iso-compactness and CL-Strong-Iso-compactness in L-Fuzzy Topological Spaces Dr. Jaydip Bhattacharya Mathematics Journal of Tripura Mathematical Society, Tripura 2013 0972-1320
Bhakti in Vivekananda's Philosphy Dr. Monoranjan Das Philosophy Drashta Research Journal Internalional Reffered 2013 2277-2480
The Marginalized in Temsula Ao - A study Dr. Prasanta Chakraborty English LITERARY INSIGHT: Volume-4 2013 0975-6248
An Enquiry Into the Problems and Prospects of Brick Manufactur-ing Industry In Tripura Dr. Pallab Kanti Ghosal Commerce Finance India, New Delhi 2012 0970-3772
Heavy metal accumulation in vegetables grown in a long-term wastewater-irrigated agricultural land of tropical India Dr. Nandini Gupta Environmental Studies Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 2012 0167-6369